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A number of Destiny 2 The Final Shape Collector’s Editions have gone out from Bungie to creators and some fans and uh, me. I will be doing an unboxing on video shortly, but no matter if you ordered the big bundle or not, there is some amount of bounty to share.

There are four emblem codes that can be redeemed by anyone which are already out in the wild after some not-cool folks broke the embargo that just lifted as I published this. They are:

  • Archived: PTD-GKG-CVN
  • Gone Home: 3CV-D6K-RD4
  • Myopia: FMM-44A-RKP
  • Folding Space: 3J9-AMM-7MG

There is also a Gateway emblem that is exclusive to the CE that cannot be shared with everyone. You redeem the codes above at Bungie’s code redeemer here.

As for what they look like, our good friends at Destiny Bulletin have compiled the five of them, including what is almost certainly the best one, Folding Space, the child-drawing emblem of various Destiny symbols and figures that is probably the best one worth equipping, if you ask me. Not that anything is going to get me to take off my OG fashion emblem short of Iron Banner week, but still.


Destiny Bulletin

You can indeed still order the Collector’s Edition of The Final Shape, of course. And even if those emblem codes are shared, the rest of it is not. Here’s what you get with the full bundle:

  • Tower Architectural Replica featuring LED lights and sounds
  • Vanguard Mentor Figurines 
  • Vanguard Mission Dossier
  • Vanguard Mission Patch
  • Autograph Book
  • Code for Exclusive Destiny 2 Emblem named ‘Gateway’
  • Destiny 2: The Final Shape Original Soundtrack – Digital (will be delivered via e-mail on or before June 4, 2024)
  • USB Charging Cord
  • Other secrets

I’m not sure if the secrets are just emblem codes or if there’s something else in here. As the collector’s edition of the last expansion of the Light and Darkness saga may have something past just…emblem codes. But we’ll see.

The biggest thing, literally, is the Tower replica that I am not realizing is totally fixed, no longer damaged and under construction the way it has been from the Red War. The recent reveal of Into the Light suggests that it will also be fixed in-game as well, possibly as soon as when that content launches in April. We have no indication we will actually return to the old Tower as a new social space, but hey, maybe.

There’s other stuff in there like lore books and journals that will no doubt have a lot of information in them. After my unboxing perhaps I’ll dig a bit deeper through that stuff to see what can be extracted from it. More to come.

Bungie provided the Collector’s Edition for the purposes of review here.

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