TOKYO, JAPAN – NOVEMBER 19: Nicka of Lithuania competes against Logistix of the United States in the … [+] 1vs1 Breaking B-Girl final match during the MYNAVI JDSF Breaking Japan Open at IHI Stage Around Tokyo on November 19, 2022 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images)

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Breaking will make its Olympic debut in Paris this year with 16 B-boys (Men) and 16 B-girls (Women) vying for gold. So far, 12 of the 32 possible spots have been filled. The confirmed competitors include Victor Montalvo and Sunny Choi, both representing the United States.

B-boys who have already earned a spot at the Olympics are:

  • “Victor” Victor Montalvo (USA)—Qualified by winning the 2023 WDSF World Breaking Championship. Victor’s dance style hearkens back to old school breaking while incorporating complex, unique power move combinations with remarkable consistency.
  • “Billy” Bilal Mallakh (MAR)—Qualified by winning the 2023 African Championship. One of Billy’s hallmark strengths is his arsenal of explosive sequences known as “blow ups”, perfect for large stages.
  • “Dany Dann” Danis Civil (FRA)—Qualified by winning the 2023 European Games. Born in French Guiana, Dany incorporates multicultural dance styles in his breaking and is also known for his impeccable musical sense.
  • “J Attack” Jeffrey Dan Arpie Dunne (AUS)—Qualified by winning the 2023 WDSF Oceania Championship. At just 16 years old, J Attack is one of the youngest B-boy competitors but has the energy and technique to compete with the best.
  • “Phil Wizard” Philip Kim (CAN)—Qualified by winning the 2023 Pan American Games. Phil Wizard is perhaps the quirkiest B-boy on this list. Nonetheless, he is undoubtedly a top talent with a variety of creative and physically challenging signature moves to draw on.
  • “Shigekix” Shigeyuki Nakarai (JPN)—Qualified by winning the 2022 Asian Games. He has been making waves at international breaking battles since he was a teen. Shigekix is known for his masterful control of power moves like the headspin and halo, as well as his extraordinary stamina.

B-girls who have secured their Olympic qualification are:

  • “Sunny” Sunny Choi (USA)—Qualified by winning the 2023 Pan American Games. Along with her signature smile, Sunny brings unique dynamic combinations, intricacy, and precision to the dance floor.
  • “Elmamouny” Fatima El-Mamouny (MAR)—Qualified by winning the 2023 African Championship. Elmamouny dances with a funky, enthusiastic attitude and clearly articulates both shapes and musical accents in her battle rounds.
  • “India” India Sardjoe (NLD)—Qualified by winning the 2023 European Games. India has consistently shown a high level mastery of power moves with the execution and confidence to back it up.
  • “Nicka” Dominika Banevič (LTU)—Qualified by winning the 2023 World Championships. At the age of 16, Nicka has won multiple international titles with the help of her extremely all-around repertoire that has few technical weaknesses, if at all.
  • “Raygun” Rachael Gunn (AUS)—Qualified by winning the 2023 WDSF Oceania Championship. Raygun’s footwork is solid and she battles with composure, showing the ability to make contextual adjustments on the fly.
  • “671” Qingyi Liu (CHN)—Qualified by winning the 2022 Asian Games. 671 is known best for her aggressive stage persona, almost to the point of playing the heel, as well as high-difficulty combinations that she executes with consistency.

As the host country, France is granted one quota each for the B-boy and B-girl events. Both of these quotas are still open, as Dany Dann is representing France but qualified via the 2023 European Games. There are also four quotas (two B-boy, two B-girl) reserved for universality places.

That leaves seven B-boy and seven B-girl spots up for grabs at the Olympic Qualifier Series which will take place in Shanghai from May 16-19 and in Budapest from June 20-23. Athletes from BMX freestyle, skateboarding, and sport climbing will also be competing for quotas in their respective disciplines at the Olympic Qualifier Series.

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